Nintendo Switch 2 Hardware Specs Leaked

Switch 2 will be having a major hardware upgrade and DLSS Support.

Nintendo aims to target 120fps for certain game to beef up Switch 2 Graphics capability.

Based on a News Rumor, Nintendo Switch 2 will feature a 120Hz Display.

The Handled Console will feature a SoC: Nvidia Tegra 239 (Codename Drake)

Possibly there will be a 8 Core A78C processor and a GA10F / 12 Ampre SMs GPU.

Switch 2 GPU will deliver power equivalent to Nvidia RTX 3000 Series.

Switch 2 will have 12 to 16GB LPDDR5 / X RAM.

Switch 2 can get a powerful upgrade in storage, as per rumor there can be a 64GB or around 256 to 512GB Internal  Storage.