10 Most Watched Fighting Games on Twitch - 2023


Street Fighter 6 emerged as the most popular fighting game on Twitch that collected over 112.1 million Watch Hours.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ranked second with over 32.9 Million watch hours.

Party Animals, is a new fighting game that takes the third placec with over 20.3 Million Watch Hours.

Mortal Kombat 1 stays on the fourth place with over 17.1 Million Watch Hours.

Tekken 7 still in the league stays on the 5th place garnering over 14 Million Watch Hours.

Naraka: Bladepoin gathered 11.4 Million Watch Hours and stay on the 6th Most watched game on Twitch.

Brawlhalla secured the 7th position with  over 9.6 Million Watch Hours.

Street Fighter V stayed just below at 8th position collecting over 8.4 Million Watch Hours.

The last two games in the list is Super Smash Bros. Melee and Guilty Gear- Strive.