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How Much Space Does Windows 11 Take?

Here are all the system and space requirements for installing Windows 11 on your computer.

Windows 11 is the best version of the Windows OS so far. It lets you install android apps on your PC, one of the most awaited features on Windows computers. But before getting all these benefits, you must update your computer to Windows 11. Do you know what are the system requirements to install Windows 11? Or do you know how much storage you need to download and install Windows 11 on your computer? Nope? No worries; we will tell you how much space Windows 11 takes and what are its other system requirements.

Storage Space Required to Install Windows 11windows-11-space

According to Microsoft, you need at least 64 GB of free storage space on your computer to install Windows 11. Yes, it is possible to update your PC to Windows 11 with 64 GB of storage but, there’s a risk of the installation process getting hampered if your device doesn’t have sufficient memory. To be clear, it is just the bare minimum space and not enough for your system to run smoothly. On paper, any Windows 11 version needs 18-27 GB of storage on your computer. After installation, Windows 11 expands to 64 GB or more. So if your PC does not have more space, it will be all for nothing.

Once your PC gets updated, you may install new apps or files on it. Also, the system needs to make a few changes here and there to optimize the hardware for proper use. As you might have guessed by now, this process needs extra storage too. Also, what about the previous files on your system? Since you would want them even after installing Windows 11, the previously installed files and apps need separate storage space on your PC. Conclusively, you need at least 128 GB of storage on your computer to install Windows 11 and run the system normally.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to Microsoft, you need 64 GB of storage to install Windows 11.
  • A Windows 11 version’s size may be anywhere between 18-27 GB.
  • Once installed, Windows 11 takes around 64 GB of storage.
  • All in all, you should have 128 GB of storage on your PC before updating to Windows 11. win-11-storage

What are the System Requirements to Install Windows 11?

Apart from the space on your SDD or HDD, there are other Hardware and Software Requirements to Install Windows 11 on your system. Make sure that your PC meets all these system requirements and you will be able to get the latest Windows 11 version on your computer.

That’s everything that you need to know for upgrading your PC to Windows 11. Ensure that your PC has enough storage space to install Windows 11 and you’re good to go. Once you finish updating your device, why don’t you also check some exciting features of Windows 11 in these guides: Windows 11 Hidden Features and Can I Install Windows 11 on AMD Zen CPU Laptops/PC.